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I've received hundreds of testimonials and "thank you" emails from guitarists all over the world. Here are some of them, all verifiable.
Will Landrum

Will Landrum


Thanks. Really looking forward to the guitar riffs course.

I told myself I was going to learn to play the guitar about 3 years ago and hit the wall about a year into it.

Your teaching technique has improved my playing 1000%.

Thanks Again.

Richard R.
Hey Will,

Thanks for the deal on the 17 dvd's.

I have been pretty much mesmerized by all the information in the courses!

Awesome information.

thanks, Ernie.

Hi Will!

Your tips in "Mastering Lead Guitar" are very logical and really effective.

I love that the camera is right on the real star: the hands on the guitar!

No matter what field you can think of, the biggest difference between amateurs and pro's is that the pro's know the tricks of the trade!

Will, you very generously give away so many tricks in this course that it almost seems illegal.

You answered questions that I didn't even know how to ask!

Your tips on left hand placement, pick strategies, finger assignment, hand co-ordination etc... are immediately helpful.

Many guitarists wrestle with their axes to make them scream, but your techniques stress relaxation and anatomical logic as a means to speed.

This will change for the better, the way a lot of people hold and play their guitars.

Peter Allegra

Hey Will!

I'm amazed with your studies and they're making me play a lot better in a short time!

Led Snowreaper


I just wanted to thank you for all the material you have sent me.

I have been playing guitar for 15 years. I have gotten so much from your lessons and my playing has progressed by leaps and bounds.

A big THANK YOU from me and all my best from Canada's Great White North...

Jason Madsen - Canada

Thank you Will!

I love music. This is helping me smooth out my playing and gain speed.

I looked at a lot of stuff online and you're the best I've found.

Gary Occhipinti

James Y. says:

Will! GREAT stuff man! You really know your stuff. Iím learning a lot.

Mason Talbert says:

Thanks for this Will. I swear there is no one else out there who teaches what you do.

You really know guitar and can tell by the video that you play with control and authority.

Thanks for helping us wannabees,


Jerry says:

Hey Will! I love the way you explain things and the mind-set that you have to look at the guitar.

Thanks for the lessons!

Larry Goddard says:

Hey Will.

I bought your Powerful Modal Theory and Soloing a year or so ago. I was in a band with another guitarist who immediately did well using your methods.

I was a slow starter but since then with your and others methods I now have the ability to play leads and stay in the right key!

Iíve seen first hand how you help people. Well done.

All the best,

Mike Butler says:

Will, your tips are awesome. I am greatly influenced by Alex Lifeson. I have your course. ďawesome by the wayĒ

My playing has gone to a new level due to your tips and inspiration.

Thanks. Mike

Chuck Brown says:

Just so all of you know Will Landrum actually personally responds to his customers.

I bought Mastering Lead Guitar and asked Will a question through e-mail and he gave me a personal response.

Knowing how popular Will is I was pleasantly surprised.

So just know that youíll be taken care of if you buy any of his products.


Marco says:

Dear Will,

This is Marco writing from Africa Ė Tanzania.

I very much appreciate for your help with the lessons! and finally become a good guitarist for personal relaxation.

Thanking in advance

Chris Ballard says:

Hi There Will:

Thanks for the lessons but believe that practice is exactly what is missing. My time is limited due to my work and yet I do seem find time to practice now and then. I feel good about what I have learned thus far. Thank you for your help.

Again, Will Thanks,
Chris Ballard

Paul says:

I took advantage of your offer because all your stuff is great & I think your the best teacher out there.

Wish I had this material when I started playing back in Ď64 but we didnít even have video until the 70ís.

This should keep me busy till I die. 

Although I have to say I really donít care about playing like Mr. Van Halen, I just want to write interesting ďtastyĒ solos for my own songs.


Mick says:

Will, I have been really surprised at the quality and content of the tips you put out.

Thank you for this. I have gleaned a lot from them.

More power to youÖ.I appreciate your hard work.

Warm regards,
Mick in London

Conrad B. says:

Hello Will,

Thank you for the opportunity to increase my playing skills. I wish information was this easy to find and understand when I was just learning 30 some years ago.

I struggled to understand and learn with a group of friends, but it was going no where. Then life took over and the guitar was put away then eventually sold in a yard sale. So Sad. I had pretty given up playing until I discovered the Internet. This is when I realized that there was a huge reservoir of information to sift through.

I decided to buy a new guitar and learn all over again. I eventually found your website. For about 8 months now, your tips have been a great inspiration.

This week I purchased your Interactive Guitar Clinic and now I canít wait to get it. Its going to be like having my own personal trainer! I am very excited! Thank you again.


Aalap says:

Hi Will,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am really interest in your work and
iím getting a lot from it. thanks.

best regard,

simon says:

dear will

iím writing to let you know that iíve been practicing the modal theory course that i got from you (which is awesome by the way) and iím coming along quite nicely.

iíve just got myself an introduction to blues book and am working my way through it along side the modal theory. i found these go well together coz the blues book helps me to apply what iím learning in modal theory.

simon northcut

Brian Anderson says:

I really like these courses and in one week I seemed to have realized quite a bit about song structure not to mention the great exercise these scales give you.

thanks Will.

"Hi Will,

This is Ed from Vancouver Canada. I've been playing guitar for 18 years. Just wanted to let you know that your guitar courses are in a league of their own.

I don't know of any other guitar studies that can even come close to yours as far as quality, useful information.

Keep up the awesome work."
Ed Mehrzad, Vancouver Canada

"Hey Will,

I'm gonna try and not regurgitate what I know you've must have heard a million times already, but I just gotta thank you so much for creating your courses.

It's so ironic that a simple thing like the grip I have on the pick could affect my speed.

That short little two minute clip where you showed how you hold your pick was like a beacon of light for me. I IMMEDIATELY started playing faster! It's crazy!

Thanks again and God bless!"

Anthony Perry - Charlotte, NC

I am telling my fellow musicians about your way of teaching lead guitar and more!

I cant believe I'm actually doing this, It's a dream come true!"

Eddie Mattiaccio - Cicero, NY

"I  like Will's approach to teaching. He absolutely knows his stuff and it becomes evident when you see him play the examples.

The only thing I "dislike" about his courses is that he's so darn good!

I wish I could just do a Spock "mind-meld" with Will and instantly have his knowledge and skills as a guitar player!

Other than that... LOL... I highly recommend buying Will's courses. You will become a MUCH better player."

Jagade - San Jose, CA

You have the absolute BEST courses out there!

I have not seen anything that comes close to the way your videos and tabs coordinate together ... I have a couple of other courses but they are cumbersome to deal with.

Nicely engineered!


Thanks Will,

By the way...your instruction is fantastic!

I'm really enjoying learning from you.

Have a great day!
Randy R.

Thanks will,

you won't believe how much you made my day.

I happened to come across your minor pentonic scale yesterday and watched you play insanely fast patterns and I was just thinking "How can I possibly do that"?

So I just kept on listening and guess what, I actually managed to play in less than 10 min!!!

Such a cool technique.

thanks again,

Guillaume GC


This is Great Stuff you do,

I'm only a beginner so some of this is going to take me some time , but I'm sure this is going to help me a lot.

You are a Great player and you obviously have good teaching capabilities you bring it across very clearly.

Thanks a lot Will,
Jim Shannon

Hi Will,

Today I took delivery of your Ďlead guitar harmony secretsí & re-issued ĎModal theory and soloingí DVDs.

I felt I had to e mail you to congratulate you on such an improvement on the video content of the modal course compared to the previous version; this is without doubt, the clearest explanation Iíve ever seen about the mystery of modes.

Iíve not yet looked at the course on harmony, but Iím sure I wonít be disappointed.

Thanks for your dedication and products.

Terry Jones (UK)
Thanks Will.

I think you're a very good instructor.

In your lessons I often hear you answer questions right after they form in my mind.

You also have a very friendly and sincere approach when instructing.

(you should create a side course that's purely inspirational, with your thoughts on mental/emotional approach to the guitar, practicing pitfalls, your experience with progressing on the instrument, the origins of your passion for the instrument, etc.)

Keep up the good work,

Lon F.

Hey will i got my video lessons in the mail today, man you really crammed a bunch of great stuff into them. I will be very busy .

Thank you

i have a teacher anytime i want. all i have to do is put in a dvd and learn to my brain hurts and my fingers hurt.

Warren B.

hi Will,

deep in my heart I want to thank you.

i am realy thankful for what you thaught me.

i learnd a lot in guitar which is beyond my imagination before i find your site. you've been so good to us.

Maybe you dont know who's your student or who learned gutar because of you because you've shared your talent..

i just wanted to tell you thank you. God bless you..

I will never forget your teaching..

Joseph Mark

Hi Will,

Your a great help to those who know your ideas. I received some letters from your links previously and thank you for that stuff that helps of enhancing more my guitar playing method.. writing music.

I've tried that too many years ago and just a year ago i wrote one but the only thing is i didn't get through what i started and hope that i can add what you said here about writing music.

more power to you,

Dennis L.

I've tried a few on-line tutors and I must say Mr. Landrum's approach and knowledge is best so far.

Regards from Australia
Terrence Barnes

Hi Will,

Thought you might find this interesting.

Played a gig last night where the bass player and I, part of the time, I backed up our other guitarist doing some of his tunes. Then we each took turns doing our own thing.

Now before I got up there to do my thing, a few people put dollar bills in our hat. Then it came time for me to get up there. I had had a weird week and I didn't really prepare anything,

I only had my 66 Telly with me to back up the guys. But on my Loop Station I had some of the backing tracks from your creative guitar course. So I hit the foot pedal and played the lead parts to a couple of the songs, with the bass player playing along.

At that point, $10 bills started appearing in the hat ! I guess long hours of
practice does eventually pay off!

-Paul Jay

Will, I think you put out more video lessons for rock guitar than all the others.

Rob N.

Man, this is great stuff and I am rocking!!

Thanks Will!

Saul N.

Hey Will,
I just wanna to thank you for the lessons that you give me by e-mail y think that you hear this all the time but they are awesome lessons!!

I dont have a lot time knowing you but I think you're great and I also order in december 31 your mastering lead guitar package ( at the last day luckily!!!!) and I cant wait to watch it and begin to learn more, you never stop learning with the guitar man!!!

I am from Costa Rica by the way and I think I have learn a lot with my friends watching van halen, malmsteen, vai, satriani....ect. THEY ARE A LOT!!! But there are many things I still dont now and I want to learn so.....Thanks for doing this and take part of your time with us. take care and god bless you...

Hey Will,

I just started using your stuff and my finger speed has increased like 200%

Thank you so much!
John Schulgen

Thanks Will...

I've been pleasantly impressed with your site so far. I've been playing guitar on and off for years (more than I care to divulge LOL!!!), and happened upon your's nice to be reminded of things that I don't often play (or practice).

Your site helps me to adhere to a more consistent practice regimen, plus I get ideas that I didn't previously have.

I really like the site a lot...great job!!!

Erik Hartmann

Hey Will.

I have purchased your latest CD, that combined with your emails has been a great boost to my playing ability. 

Finally a teacher who can actually teach in common words and terms. 

I have taken lessons from some great guitar palyers, they sure could play, but they could not teach, each lesson seemed like a concert, I just sat there and watched, payed my money and left.

I have been playing for many years, the wrong way, lol.  I bought your essential rock guitar techniques and I am amazed how much I have cleaned up my playing,  

I am buying all your CDs. 

You are an amazing teacher,  you put into words all the toughts that I have had.

I showed my wife the CD tonight and your web site,  she does not play but was very impressed.

She said you were sincere , and thats what I felt too.  Rock on Brother

thank you sincerly for you method.

Lance Mason

Will. I think it is just super that you are doing this and I look forward to the rest of your fantastic lessons. I need all the help I can get. Thanks so much......

Les Jones

Awesome stuff man. Its great to find somebody that appreciates music enough to do something like this,

Trust me man, you're the bomb.
Evan Manning

Hey Will, your classes are very helpful. Especially this pentatonic scale one. You're awesome!

Cody Jackman

I really appreciate your consistency in working to help people take their guitar playing to the next level.

I have been enjoying the free lessons and I know there will be more in your membership. I know you are good and I always tell my friends about you.

Okpeseyi Ayo

Hi Will,

Iím enjoying this!  I bought it yesterday and Iím already seeing and understanding what I never learned. 

I never took guitar lessons. I learned to play acoustic guitar from friends at camp. Then when the church band didnít have a guitarist I asked if I could try.  So I learned just by doing it and picked up bits and pieces here and there. 

This course is GREAT!! 

I love it!  I missed a lot not having a teacher.

And the cost of this course is less than what I would pay the studio for 3 lessons.

Thatís AWESOME!!    THANKS!!!

Deb Dibert


just got the course today, Im real excited by what I see, and by what I hear.

Dude, living digits ROCKS!!, especially hour champion...THANK YOU! for giving me the chance to purchase it..

You are where I want to be, and I d pay to see you perform any day...

UP THE IRONS!........T

Hi Will.
Your e-mail lessons have been helpful, thanks.
I also bought your lead guitar modes, wow man, I
never realized thereís so much to playing lead guitar.
But you do explain it in clear and easy to understand method.
Well like they say practice makes perfect, so get on picking
and one day it will happen!!!!for me.

Greg Gardner
Hi, Will !

I'm grateful for your lessons. They're good. I've got much from you. I'm mostly playing country and rock, so your tips are magnificent.

Kari Rasku
Hey Will,

I'd just like to thank you for this program.

I've been teaching myself guitar for the past couple of months and your program has been giving me some great stuff to work off of.

I check every day for new lessons and I'm really enjoying it.

Thanks loads for the help.

Danny Sullivan

Hi Will,

I received the courses and WOW.

I love the Living Digits compositions and teachings. Awesome

I'm 61 and have played my D-28 since I bought it in 1967 and my Les Paul since 2000.

This is the most helpful teaching stuff I've seen.

Ted Hayes

Thanks for the prompt reply and the offer to include me in the MP3 offer - that's great!

Is that really Will replying? I assumed that some faceless fulfillment agency handled all these interactions.

On the assumption that it is Will....

I've been recently listening almost non-stop to Living Digits, and really love it

You certainly have a great talent and technique.

I typically listen to guys like Satriani, Yngwie, Gilmore, Anastasio, etc. - and you have displaced these maestros on my fave playlists.

To get the tuition from you "in person" is just a dream come true.

Keep up the great work, you really rock.

Dave Feber

Good Morning Will,
I am sending this email to you to thank you for your response to my request for product support.

It isn't often that a person requests support for a product and recieves a phone call from the very person that published the product.

I was impressed by the quick response to my problem and the obvious concern that you demonstrated in our conversation.

You can rest assured that I will recomend you and your products to everyone I know that is trying to master the guitar.


Robert Roberts

Hi Will...
I was really impressed with your study on "Blending Modes" using Rush's Xanadu..."A farewell to Kings" is my alltime favorite Rush Album (being canadian also makes me partial to them)...

Keep up the excellent work...

Renť Saumure
Hi Will,

Again let me thank you for the mentoring. It is so right on and needed.

I now have your Living Digits CD that came in a package with the CD that broke down the riffs/solos and Powerful Modal and Soloing super bundle.

This was so good I ordered the Essential Rock Guitar Techniques and will order the Sweep Picking and Arpeggios soon.

You don't know how long I have been waiting for this type of instruction.

It's like when the "right" package comes along you will know it.

As of this past Christmas I have celebrated playing guitar for 50 years.

My first lesson was during the time when Elvis was being played on the radio--Love Me Tender- was my fourth lesson! My teacher was a Hawaiian guitar player who played for Les Paul and Mary Ford on the Hawaiian songs. He was great!

Several years later I formed a group with Joe Vitale on drums who later went on to play with Joe Walsh, Ted Nugent, the Eagles and CSN. He and I still get together.

Anyway, I know you are busy. Just wanted to let you know that you really make a difference and encourage you to continue.

God bless and keep you rocking!
John Berecek


I'm always skeptical when people talk about the "secrets" of learning guitar, but I have to admit I'm impressed from your first lesson. 

I've taken 2 years of lessons and was never taught this.

Breton Tillinghast

Hi Will,

I was very surprised, as I discovered your site.

I have never seen that high level of education before.

The exercises are almost genius: easy to understand and very effective at the same time.

For me as a total beginner this stuff is the key to progress.

So thank you for doing this.

Best Regards,
Pawel Akimow

Dear Will,
I have been playing the guitar on and off for over 30 years and I have many guitar heroes, although Joe Satriani is my favourite!

I have had your "Living Digits" album since not long after you released it and I think it is excellent and a wonderful demonstration of your guitar mastery. 

I also have your "Modal" course and have recently purchased "Essential Rock Guitar Techniques" for all the reasons you outlined on your site.

I will enjoy ERGT and the benefits and growth I expect to gain from it.
Thanks again
Kind regards
Andy Martin

Your lessons have really given me the edge i was wanting!!

I don't just use the techniques for enhancing my ability, but to practice for songs.

I like to play metal and rock and your lessons are great!

Your Student (Hopefully),
Hey Will.

Thanks for the great words of encouragement.

Still practicing faithfully and enjoying your interactive guitar theory series.

I am happy with my improvement and have lots of pleasurable hours ahead.

I turn 62 next March and am retired. Now I have finally found time to play my guitar like I wish I had all those working years.

You are an inspiration and it is nice to receive your professional dedication.

Thanks again and have a great Christmas and New Year.

Clair Byer.

Hi Will,

I don't know if you actually read these or if I'm replying to an
auto-mailer, but I just wanted to say "Thanks".

I played some guitar when I was in my early teens. You know, learned
a few chords, some cool riffs, thought I was all that. Then life got
in the way and here I am 30-something years later picking up the
guitar again.

What you've sent me so far has helped immensely! I now realize just
how little I knew about the guitar, and how much more fun it can be.

Of course, my playing is absolutely pitiful since I have barely touched a
string in three decades, but the progress I've made in such a short
time is amazing, and a lot of the credit goes to the tips and tricks you
send out.

Keep the notes (pun intended) coming!
Scott A.


Thanks a lot bud. So far so good.

Your tips have actually improved my guitar playing in a matter of minutes.

All it took was some hard practice and a little note reading and I was on my way to getting better. Keep the emails comin!

Thanks a lot dude
Daniel Peck

Dear Will.
I have just purchased your course over here in Blighty.

I have been playing for about 3 years now and I have been very skeptical in buying guitar lessons, anyway I took the plunge and chose your courseware because I liked what I see in your videos.
I have now had a chance to evaluate your course and I must admit I have noticed a difference in my approach towards playing.
I see a long road ahead but I like the general layout and I think I could progress because of it.
Anyway, that's it for now - I am happy with the purchase and I look forward to coming across more of your videos and progressing with your course - love the album by the way.
All the best and good work.
Hey Will,

its Kevin Phillips here, one of your new students.

So far I have to say that I really like your site and your study riffs.

I've been a guitar player for many years now, but I'm re-teaching myself scales, theory, and overall techniques with your lessons.

Thanks again
Kevin Phillips

Hi Will ,

I have use your tips and licks , and I think that they r awesome , they r very useful and cool , thank u for the great work , I hope that I can get some other cool licks.
best regards.
Angel Garza

Hi Will,

 I have all ready  received 3 email lessons from you.

They are  wonderful, easy to comprehend and very much to the point..
It was something I was waiting for. I will use the information and lessons to the fullest..

Honestly Will, my status as a guitar player has improved leaps n bounds studying your lessons.

Best wishes,
Rohan Choudhury
Hey Will,
I just wanted to say your stuff is amazing and what you're doing is great. 

Its really helped me in more ways than I thought it would. 

Its hard to tell these days with all the other crap on the internet what's really good and what's just a scam artist trying to make money off something that you love doing. 

I've always said that music can change the world and I think you're one of the few who understand that. 

Its great that you help people through email for free. 

At first I was skeptical about paying for anything but now that I've seen how just your minor emails can help I'm definitely a believer in your studies.

Thanks again,
Tim Barker


I own all your guitar courses and they are excellent!

Colin Cave

Hey Will,
Your lesson on guitar fretboard domination addressed all the areas that I have problems with. It really help broaden my music knowledge.  Thanks. 
Alexander Her
Thanks Will,

I stumbled onto your website and was pretty amazed.

I've been playing guitar for over thirty years, but, somehow find myself in a rut, and with a style I can't seem to break out of; and my playing is extremely falling short.

I love playing, but I need some severe coaching in order to get further along. Your help is greatly appreciated.

BJ Hahn


I am a self taught guitarist for 7 years now.

After studying one of your pages of teachings, I have taken my guitar playing to new levels of skill and my excitement for playing guitar has been rekindled.

Thank you,
Paul Gressett

Hi, Will!

How are you?

I want to thank you a great job and for your valuable instructional lessons.

They have been helping to improve myself both as a guitar player and a composer.

A Thousand Thanks.
Best wishes,

Gilberto Correia
hey will,

i gotta say, the speed slurring thing is just phenomenal. I got it nailed, adapted it, and now I've transformed into an amazing solo. you are totally amazing, you taught me more than my other guitar teacher has 6 months!

i'm definitely recommending you.

joe hollick

Hey Will this is Juice and I just wanted to tell you thanks man I appreciate all the good musical stuff you send me man.

About 10 months ago I was a beginner guitar play who couldn't even play an open string note. Now thanks to your great musical advice and just awesome stuff you send all week I am now playing guitar in Church.

Thanks so much man God bless what you are doing!
Your student Juice


I like the way you put your lessons into an easy format for understanding.


Hey Will,

Thanks for the awesome guitar study lesson, its probably helped me the most so far when it comes to soloing.

Soloing seems so easy now because of you. Nice exercises there by the way.

Thanks again for the lesson. Knowledge is power!

Zayne Nathaniel

Hi Will

I'm writing you to thank you for the lessons.

Thought I'd let you know, my guitar playing seems to have improved a lot more than usual. 

Actually, guitar playing was really getting in a rut for me. So, thank you for teaching all this great stuff.

Thanks again Will

Peter Poole
hey will.

thanks so much for your help. i've had time to go through a few of the lessons and the course is great!

by far the best home study course i own.

thanks for so much info at such a great price. have a great day.

chip vickery
hello will

i really appreciate and i really thank you for the efforts of your lessons....

honestly i really get a lot from you...

i hope, it will continue till i get the expert mode. i really learn a lot and it really helps me...

thank you very much...
daniel sakura

Hi Will,

Thanks for offering such great guitar techniques on line.

Its about time someone used a reverse angle to show how its done.

Seems like all the slick tricks came out after I was already old(er)  My teachers were Steely Dan, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, Steve Howe, ect....but its not like the players of today...

anyway, just looking for a few good ideas to build on, and your guitar style was just what I was looking for..

Thanx again,
Alan Wells

Hi Will,
I bought your "sweep picking arpeggios" course a couple months ago and have had a lot of fun with it! 
Thanks again,
Jim McIntyre

I'm sure you've helped a lot of guitarists out there like me!

Keep up your good work!

Dan Greenwood

My friend Rick referred you coz you're the best on the net.

Boogie Jose
Will your lessons are so helpful.

Thank you soooooooo much!

Keep sending more stuff - u rock

Himika Dastidar

Hello Will,

I signed up for your email lessons. I also purchased your Modal Theory Interactive Clinic.

This is the best instructional product I have ever purchased.

I have books, videos CDs. Yours are the best.

I have been playing for around 20 years. I took theory about 12 years ago. I needed a refresher.

I thought about lessons again until I found your product. It has been a big help. That sounded like someone giving a customer testimonial. LOL I meant every word!!

Three weeks ago, I was playing the same three scales I have been playing since I was 16.

I used the extended minor pentatonic and the Aeolian. I used bits and pieces of other things here and there.

But going back and reviewing the modes has me playing all over the neck.

It has helped me connect a lot of the bits and pieces that I knew.

Thank you so much.
Sam Freeman

Hi Will

I have been really surprised at the quality and content of the little tips you email regularly to me. Thank you for this.

I have gleaned a lot from these lessons.

I appreciate your hard work.

Warm regards
Peter Alexander (Australia)

Hey Will!

I really loved your lesson about setting up your practices in an ordered way.

I had heard that a million times but never taken the initiative to actually put it to practice.

The first night I tried a structured practice I learned so much that I decided to take a half hour break and do another one.

I am aiming to do at least one structured hour of practicing a day, of course it doesn't work out every day. It really gives me a lot to practice; when ever I have a few minutes I try to work a bit with something that I learned in my practices, just to solidify it in my mind and in my fingers.

It gives me a chance to actually learn the things that I want to and have a firm foundation set of  "Okay, you're going to learn this for 10 minutes, then this for fifteen, and so on".

I've worked with: Arpeggios, Learning the chords for each scale, Scales and Finger picking.

I have advanced tremendously in all of these areas in the few practices that I have done and anticipate great improvements in the near future.

Thanks Will!
Kevin John-Watt



I just finished reading your Recipe for Success article and I've only got one thing to sayÖ

Finally, after playing off and on for 25 years, mostly off, and asking hundreds of good and sometimes great players how they structure their practice time... finally, an answer and example that makes sense.

I can't thank you enough for breaking this down in a way that I can finally understand it.

Now, I can start to make progress.

Greg Lauer

Thanks Will!

Your CD's ROCK!!!!

Scott Newton

Hi Will,

Thank you very much and I would like to tell you that your lessons did push me up to a level which I never thought I was capable of reaching!

Ofer Shalev

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