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        Living Digits (2006)

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Produced by
Michael Fath and Will Landrum

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1. Change Your Mind
7. Fill In The _____

8. Perfection Of The Bride

"One of the best guitar instrumental albums I have ever heard."
David Bixler - Hard Music Magazine

"Tons of arpeggiated and moded licks provide a frantic but melodic pace"
Jack Loganbill - Guitarist

Review © by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Have you ever heard of the term melodic shredding? I cannot say that I have but I have someone here that does it, and very well. His name is Will Landrum. And let me add that there is much more to his sound than that one frame of reference.

On Living Digits, Landrum shows why he can call himself the Guitar Consultant and back it up. By the way, he offers CD-ROMs and optional downloads with several types of guitar lessons on his site.

The Living Digits CD is a testimonial for a life long love affair with the six-string and getting the optimal sound and enjoyment from his instrument. Landrum likes the feel of the moment when he plays, the raw spontaneity of cutting loose on the guitar and letting those creative juices flow. I could have realized that by listening to the music the first time around but I got it right from the horse’s mouth as they say, via some lengthy e-mail conversations. I learned quite a bit about this artist, which made my listening experience much more enriching. As I write this tonight, I am listening for the fourth time and loving every minute of it.

Landrum offers eight instrumental rockin’ tracks that reflect life long influences and a straight ahead playing style that does not compromise the strong sense of commitment to his craft nor does it strive for perfection. I simply cannot pick a favorite on this CD; I loved every track. As Will takes you on a guided tour of the six-string and all of its sounds and subtleties, each individual composition fully develops and unfolds while you listen. To say this dude rocks is putting it mildly.

When you look at this recording in retrospect, what you get is a solid dose of classic rock, metal, and blues all wrapped into one tight package. Landrum sites Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore as a major influence and you can hear that loud and clear, particularly on the track “Fill In The  ___.” The following track is the closer “Perfection Of The Bride,” it is a beautiful acoustic composition and actually the only non-electric track on the album. It is something that Blackmore would play with his current band Blackmore’s Night, one of my favorite recording artists. It seems fitting that the album winds down with a nice acoustic number after he boggles your mind with incredible six-string virtuosity and technical expertise in tracks 1-7.

If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding this man’s validity to offer lessons, listen to this CD, and any doubt that you have will be put to rest after you hear the opening track “Change Your Mind.” Interesting that the title is such, I just realized what a perfect segue that was after writing the sentence! It only seems appropriate that I end the review that way as Will Landrum has the same style; some of the best things in life are not premeditated, so just grab yer ass and hang on, I guarantee one helluva ride!

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


        Shredded Christmas Card (2007)

Download This Album
With Artwork

Produced by Will Landrum

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Compact Disc


1. Jingle Bells

You've never rocked to the Christmas classics like this before. Will Landrum's guitar absolutely rivets you to your speakers for five speed filled minutes of Jingle Bells and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.




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